Fall Winter 2019

Fall Winter 2019 Collection

Brilliant hues and intricate, vibrant designs have been at the forefront of Jim Thompson since the very beginning. FW’19 is a celebration of #colourandprint and a pure reflection of Bangkok’s bold city life. Urban-wear is polarized with the rugged beauty of the natural elements, interpreted as floral and leafy patterns and tiger and snakeskin prints on covetable silhouettes. The vibrancy of down-town Bangkok is also reflected in colour and on classic designs like iconic sailor stripes.

#Silk is at the very centre of Jim Thompson’s #heritage; combined with a complex design story, it continues to evolve and be manipulated and transformed into desirable, unique masterpieces. For every season, Jim Thompson’s iconic silk goes on a journey from cocoon to fabric, to dreamy silhouettes that are uniquely designed to be simultaneously sharp and fluid.

Women Ready-To-Wear

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Jim Thompson x Shone Puipia

The Jim Thompson x Shone Puipia is a collaborative collection exclusively designed by Shone Puipia, a young rising Thai designer, for Jim Thompson’s Fall/Winter 2019. The collection includes a 6-piece Ready-to-Wear collection that shows his interpretation of the Jim Thompson brand, from which he took away two key points; first –silk is at the heart of the brand, and secondly - the duality between nature and modern/urban elements is established in the brand’s designs.

From there, Shone’s idea for the collection was to make pieces that were more about urban dressing, something more streamlined and sharp, like evening suits and trench coats, yet still keeping that sensual side, with long evening dresses or through the movement of a scarf sleeve in a cocktail dress. Shone also sees the importance of recognizing Jim Thompson’s fabric capabilities, particularly their expertise in silk weaving. He took a more straightforward approach to the clothing design to keep the focus on the fabric, the prints and the colors.