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Once our fabrics have been finished at Pak Thong Chai, after undergoing a final quality check, they are sent to one of our manufacturers to become finished goods.


Currently Jim Thompson runs three factories for producing these goods. The largest is in Bangkok, followed by two smaller factories - one in Bang Phu and the other in Phayao, a small province close to Chiang Rai. Phayao partners Jim Thompson with local workers, similarly to the factories at Pak Thong Chai, enabling rural communities to fund themselves through working for an internationally recognised brand.


At Phayao, after completing high levels of training at the factory, Jim Thompson allows its staff members to work from both the factory and their own homes, giving employees flexibility when it comes to caring for their families financially and completing their domestic duties. Stitch work is hand performed, meaning employees can take home as many as fifty scarves at a time to work on from the comfort of their homes. This level of flexibility creates loyal and skilled staff members, some of whom have been in the company for over twenty years.